In addition to pastillation units for the dropforming of melts our company delivers units for the strip granulation of several products.

In the strip granulation process the molten product is divided into several strips of uniform width with a suitable strip forming device. The strips are laid onto an endless cooling belt which is sprayed from underneath by means of cooling water.

At the end of the belt – after solidification – the strips are transformed into uniform granules by means of a cutting or breaking device.


The strip granulation process is applicable: 

  • When the viscosity of the product at the feeding temperature does not allow for the use of pastillation (dropforming process)
  • When the desired production capacity is higher than the maximum possible pastillation capacity   
  • If the dust content compared to the flaking process of the same product shall be tremendously reduced

If instead of a half-spherical product shape (in the case of pastillation) a more rectangular shape with sharp edges is required.

For this application we are also able to offer custom developed strip feeding and cutting devices, which are selected based on the product behavior,  the requirements on the granules and the plant capacity.