KAISER’s new, revolutionary bag filling process makes direct packaging of melt pressure sensitive adhesives from the reactor or buffer tank into bags possible, and additionally eliminates the need for silicone lined cartons.

The newly developed bag filling machine operates as a fully automated FFS (Form, Fill and Seal) unit accommodating between 0,25kg (250 g) and 2,5kg (2,500g) of melt pressure sensitive adhesive per bag based upon processing requirements.

You save:


  • 50% labor costs
  • 90% packaging costs
  • 100% packaging waste


  • The pressure sensitive adhesive is directly filled from the reactor into the bags
  • The film used to form the bags can be melted and mixed with the product
  • The cost of the film is one tenth of the cost for the silicon coated cartons
  • The bags are cooled to ambient temperature in the cooling tunnel
  • Product can be shipped immediately after production as no additional cooling time is required
  • Only one operator is required to produce the batches in the reactor and run the machine
  • The machine allows for various bag sizes between 0,25kg and 2,5kg
  • Production rates reach values up to 1,0t/h
  • The bags are fully sealed eliminating leakage
  • Elimination of manual unpacking
  • Packaging waste is eliminated as the material melts with the product


The pressure sensitive adhesive is prepared in your existing reactor. Once the product is ready for packaging, the product pump conveys the melt through the pre-filter and the fine-filter into a heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger the melt is cooled from the batch temperature down to the filling temperature. The filling temperature is determined by the melting range of the packaging film. From the heat exchanger the melt flows through the filling head into the bag which is then sealed and transferred into the cooling tunnel. Once through the cooling tunnel the bags enter a drying system which removes the excess moisture from the outside of the bags. Upon exiting the drying system the bags are ready for transport.

All elements of the cooling tunnel can be custom designed to accommodate space constraints. The construction of the cooling tunnel will be designed around the product’s physical properties, residence time and bag size.

A standard bag filling machine is supplied with two format tubes which determine the width of the bag. The smaller format tube produces bags 150mm in width and the larger format tube produces bags with a width of 230mm. Other widths are feasible and available upon request.

The length of the bags is controlled by the PLC of the machine and is only limited by the mechanical strength of the film. The PLC has memory capabilities to save the parameters of up to 100 recipes. Therefore, ideal process parameters only have to be evaluated once during the initial start-up of the machine. 

The standard film thickness for the Bag Filling Process for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives is 50µm. Thinner films are harder to process at elevated production rates due to the limited mechanical strength of the film, especially at high filling temperatures. Thicker films are possible but increase the film concentration in the final product.

In the cooling tunnel the bags are directly cooled through means of cooling water spray. The cooling water runs in a closed circuit and is cooled through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is cooled by the client’s primary cooling water circuit. Strainers in the cooling water system ensure that the product will not enter the heat exchanger.