In addition to our regular cooling conveyor business, including turnkey units for melt  solidification, we also supply customized equipment and belt reactors worldwide.

For example we:

  • Erected in 2006, the first fully automated production line for melt pressure sensitive adhesives in bags, with a weight of 500 g and 1.000 g. This unit allows for the production of sealed bags through a completely continuous process from the melt reactor to the packaging unit. 
  • The filled bags are then cooled by means of spraying water in our patented cooling tunnel.
  • Delivered a turnkey mixing and reaction unit for the production of filled Hotmelt adhesives, used in the furniture industry.
  • Designed and delivered a complete turnkey unit for the production and packaging of precise 5 kgs wax slabs.
  • We introduced a belt reactor for polymer production. The polymer is formed from two liquid products fed onto a specially designed concave belt together with a catalyst at low temperatures upon which a spontaneous exothermic reaction takes place. After a reaction time of only a couple minutes the product appears as a polymer, at the discharge end. The final product is a base material for the construction industry.

The belt reactor is completely gastight encapsulated and works at a low operational pressure. The tracking of the stainless steel belt is achieved by an automatic belt tension and tracking system, designed by KAISER PBT. After the very successful initial start-up phase, the KAISER PBT belt reactor has passed now the first 2 years of commercial production.

The delivered unit is a „special unit“ in the truest sense of the word. The extreme operating condition for the product feeding and solidification process required the development for a „taylor-made“ solution which we could provide for the client and its application based on our long-term and special experiences and know-how in the field of solidification of molten materials.

One important feature of the special product was the fact that even little amounts of water or humidity would cause an immediate inflammation of the product inside the unit. Therefore we developed a solution which did not use the typical spray cooling or standard cooling belt units. The cooling of the product is provided by means of indirect cooling of the both end terminals of the conveyor unit and in the upper horizontal part of the belt by indirect cooling by means of cooled plates.

Due to the very high feeding temperature of 450° C the cooling steel belt could not equipped – as usually in standard units – with vee-ropes and therefore the unit is equipped with a automatic belt tensioning and tracking system. Pneumatically actuated and measured by special sensors, the actual position of the belt is controlled even during the high temperature changes when starting and stopping the plant.

Due to fact that the fumes of the carcinogenic product are highly toxic, the unit is operated with an underpressure of 10 mbar. The cooling belt unit itself is therefore built into an enclosure with a wall thickness up to 10mm. Special sight glasses with lights make sure that the process still is being watchable by the operators.

One additional highlight of the delivered unit is the special feeding device which was developed in cooperation with the client based on the physical properties of the product , and it was theoretically designed, built with modern manufacturing technologies and is since then successfully in continuous operation.

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