At our headquarters in Willich, Germany, we have a well equipped, highly sophisticated test center. In our test center we are capable of running feasibility, layout and scale-up tests for our clients. We encourage our clients to witness the tests run with their own product(s).

With 3 cooling belt units we are capable of installing the following feeding devices:

  • Pastillation System KAISER-Rollomat® for pastilles size 1 – 20 mm 
  • Pastillation system KAISER-ZN® 
  • Pastillation system KAISER-GS® 
  • Feeding funnel for the production of flakes with low to high viscous melts
  • Overflow weir feeder for the production of flakes with low to medium viscous melts
  • Single or double squeeze roller for the production of flakes with low to high viscous melts
  • Strip pressing unit for the production of strips flakes for with medium to high viscous melts
  • Jacketed nozzle pipe for the production of strips with medium to high viscous melts
  • Strip casting tube for the production of strips with low to high medium viscous melts
  • Feeding funnel with nozzle plate for the production of flakes with low to high viscous melts

For flakes and strips we also offer cutting and crushing units.

Each of our test cooling belt units is equipped with its own individual melting kettle including mixer and could be purged - if necessary - with inert gas. The product feed to the test unit is achieved by means of a frequency controlled feeding pump via oil jacketed pipes. The temperature for the melt, jacketed pipes and the feeding device is adjustable up to 300° C.

A unique and highly sophisticated cooling water supply system guarantees that the tests are conducted with an adjustable cooling water temperature of 0° C to 50° C, and - if necessary - with various temperature zones over the length of the cooling belt. Additionally, we have all available release agent feeding devices for an application of a liquid or powder release agent for the belt and/or the product.


  • Pre-crystallization unit for the seeding of super-cooled melts  
  • Double belt cooler for the cooling and solidification of products in between two belts
  • Test melt reactors with a volume of 50 l, 400 l und 1000 l for the melting and mixing of hotmelt adhesives and melt pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Bag filling unit for the continuous packaging of hotmelt and pressure sensitive adhesives in film bags via our patented process

Besides the above mentioned apparatuses we have several test facilities for viscosity, moisture content and melting point measurements. Would you like to learn more about suitable pastillation processes for your products? Are you interested in a reliable feasibility study? We are happy to oblige with over 70 years of experience in the field of melt solidification.