Bees wax pastillation

🐝 Bees wax pastillation 🐝


We just completed the assembly of a pastillation unit for a German customer, which will be used for bees wax and various other kinds of vegetable wax formulations!


🚀 Key Features: 
Versatility - The unit is designed to work with a wide range of pastillation temperatures and resulting viscosities, while guaranteeing constant productivity through our innovative Rollosizer pastillation system including upstream release agent application and state-of-the-art cooling belt unit

Maintenance friendly - Made completely from stainless steel, cleaning becomes simple and quick; the additional on-line cleaning lance at the product scraper ensures complete removal of product from belt surface

Adaptability - Due to space limitations in the customer's factory the unit is built to minimize overall length while ensuring maximum cooling length


We cannot wait to commission this line and produce perfect honey-coloured pastilles! 🍯